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Challenge Tomb: Underworld Gate

Getting There

Use fast travel to get to the Jungle Ruins base camp in the Peruvian Jungle region.


Find the overgrown entrance to the south-east, to the left of the stairs. Enter and approach the low tunnel and Lara will belly-crawl through it. Step outside and follow the jungle path. Step through the ruins, ducking under the spears as you go along. On the left you can look an animal carcass for some hide and fat. Jump up the tree to reach its branch. Jump towards the next tree branch and swing over to the craggy wall. Climb over to the left and jump to the ledge. Continue towards the left till it's safe to drop down. Again follow the jungle path but be mindful of the tripwire which will trigger another spear trap. Use the knife to disarm it, then crawl through beneath.
Explorer Backpack: Go down the left path to reach the remains of a bridge. On the left you will discover the next explorer backpack adding items (in this case a survival cache) to your map and rewarding you with +25 XP.
Now walk up the ramp on the right and from there jump towards the branch, continue to the next branch Lara uses to swing to a third one. From here jump towards the craggy wall. Rappel down and swing towards the ledge. There is a resource container rewarding you with +15 XP on the left. Follow the path to a camp long since abandoned.
Document (6/13): Turn left and collect the cloth from a crate there, before finding a document on a table. It is At the Gate from the artifact collection "Search for the Hidden City" (1/8), rewarding you with +25 XP. Further on the right is a crate with salvage.
Continue towards the next collapsed bridge. On the left side is another perception plant. Wall scramble up the right wall and attach the axe to the craggy wall. Climb up to the top and jump over to the ledge left of you. Traverse along and be prepared to perform a safety grab to keep Lara from falling. Someone is apparently putting rocks in our path. Continue to the left end and jump to safety. You will reach the base camp Canyon Ruins. Collect the crate of salvage under the tarp and the perception plant (although my pack was full of them at this point) to the right of the gap in the wall. Squeeze through the gap. Then go up the stairs and into the ruins. Here you will find a resource container for +15 XP and an endurance plant on the right. Now scramble up the wall on the right to get outside. Run over to the left and from the wooden platform jump towards the craggy wall. Rappel down and swing to the platform. The wooden ledge behind you is part of the way out. Although, if you complete the tomb, you will take another route. Enter the small cave, where you will find a vein of gold ore on the left and an endurance plant at the back. Back outside jump up the tree and from its branch jump ahead and use the grapple axe to reach the next ledge. Pull up.
Document (7/13): Turn left. You can find some fat on the left, and black powder on the right. Then there is a resource container with +15 XP on the left again. Just opposite this container is another document Finger Length Away from the artifact collection "Search for the Hidden City" (2/8). You'll get +25 XP.
Survival Cache (7/9): Further at the back, just past a crate with cloth you can dig up another survival cache for its resources and +25 XP. Get back outside.
Balance across the tree trunk. Look up to the left and you can spot a creepy dude lurking on the ledge above. We can not shoot him, so we can't do anything about him.
Instead examine the mechanism. On the right end you can grab its handle. Rotate it clockwise. This will allow you to tether the rotating mechanism's rope coil to the one across the bottomless pit to the south-west. Climb over. Up on the higher level you will find a large lever attached to a kind of crane. Pull it once to transport a crate around to the nearby landing platform. If you would pull the lever again, it would swing back to its starting place, but it happens to quickly for Lara to reach the crate, so you need to slow this down. Behind the lever you can collect some salvage and black powder. Hop onto the crate and down towards the landing platform on the other side. Here go to the rotating mechanism with the rope coil again. Grab its handle to turn it anti-clockwise as far as possible to have the coil facing the crate. Now tether it to the crate. Head up the landing platform and jump back to the crate. With a double jump scramble up its side. Then jump on towards the upper landing platform. Pull the large lever to set the crane in motion. The rope holds the crate in place long enough for Lara to reach it before it snaps. Jump onto the crate and let it take you up to the next landing platform. Jump over.

black powder, an endurance plant, and a resource container for +15 XP. Run down the stairs.
Mural (4/7): On the left you will discover the mural Underworld Gate from the artifact collection "Trials of the Gods" (1/8). It improves your mam and rewards you with +35 XP.
Then stand at the edge at the bottom of the stairs and jump towards the ledges in the wall. They will break, sending Lara down, grab the lower ledge and perform a safety grab. Traverse to the right and jump to the craggy wall there. Something is throwing spiked balls at you from above, so quickly jump to the craggy wall further right. Climb up to the top.
Resources: Tear away the barricade to the left using a rope arrow. Inside you will find gold. Back outside, up the stairs, behind the sacrificial altar you will find another resource container with +15 XP.
Approach the Tomb Stele and reveal its secret to obtain Eagle's Perch.
Resources: Now use a rope arrow to also tear away the barricade to the right of the stairs to obtain the gold.
Time to exit the tomb. Run up the stairs and jump towards the tree branch. Jump to the next branch to swing over to another branch you can perch on. Again jump to the next branch to swing to the ledge. Follow the path down and out onto the tree stump. Use the grapple axe to get across the gorge to the other side. Slide down the muddy slope. Run along the path to a pole with rope wrapped around. Tether it to the pole across the ravine. Slide down the rope. Follow the path and hop down to get back to where you climbed a tree earlier. Turn back to the left and duck under the spears. Return to the crawlspace and belly-crawl back outside to return to the Jungle Ruins base camp.
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