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22. Pharos, Temple Of Isis

Using the 2 Artefacts

Dive ahead. In front of you is the sunken ruin of the temple. Dive up towards the surface. There you'll find a little airhole. Pull up into the passage on the left. (If you crawl along you can slide down to come back to the Coastal Ruins.) Turn around and shoot the shark. (He might dive deep down so you have to attract him by jumping back into the water.) If the shark is gone jump into the water. Now dive into the right window. Climb out of the water and run up the stairs. Place the pharos pillar there. Dive back out and then into the left window. There as well climb out and run up the stairs. Use the pharos knob there. Dive back out.

Getting Inside

Dive to the ground and into the passage there. Run up the stairs. At the top, a skeleton will attack you. Remember: Use the shotgun to shoot it down into the pit or any explosive ammo to destroy it. Then jump into the water. Dive into the next chamber. There you'll find three underwater doors one on the right, one in the middle and one on the left. Open the one on the right, the other two are useless. Dive up the tunnel and climb out of the water.


Run towards the pool in the middle. Out of the passage on the left comes a harpy. Shoot it. Beware of it's energy bolts. Now shoot the little chests in the corners. The one left of the entrance contains red shotgun ammo, a small medipack and blue shotgun ammo. The other one on the left contains some blue shotgun shells and a large medipack. The ones on the right contain two red and one blue pack of shotgun ammo. (There are three stairs in this room. The one on the left will lead into a big hall, the one in the middle leads to an area with a little pyramid and the one on the right leads to Cleopatra's Palace, the next level.)

The left stairs - Cleopatra's Statue

Run up the stairs to the left and step into the room with a statue of Cleopatra. The door will close behind you. Run towards the statue. In the two corners you can see a pillar and in the wall above a black beetle. You have to climb onto the pillar and pry the beetle out of the wall. This will release some scarabs, but also raise a block and get you a black beetle. The one on the left is damaged. (But you have to get it out in order to raise the block and be able to exit.) After you've gotten both beetles, run back towards the gate. On both sides is now a raised block. Climb up. At the top you'll find a button. Push them on both sides. This will open a trapdoor. Get back down and drop in. (Watch your energy as you will be followed by the scarabs the whole time.) Drop down onto the ground of the chamber. Run to the end and pull yourself onto the sloped block on the right. Make a backsault before you slide down. You are now on a high platform and safe from the scarabs. Take the Winding Key of the pedestal. Then push the button to open the door in the statue room. Climb back up. All the scarabs will drop down and be trapped. Run back towards the pool. You have to kill another skeleton.

The right stairs - Short Visit

Run up the stairs to come to Cleopatra's Palace. (You'll return here later to complete the whole level. For now, you only have to collect one thing.) Run into the passage on the other side of the pool. Run up the ramp on the left. Shoot the chest and collect the red and blue shotgun ammo. The other chest is empty. Now open the door with the crowbar and step through. Follow the passage and at the end break another door. Step through and slide down the chute. You'll end up in another petrol-filled trench. Climb out on the opposite side. Turn around and a bit to the right make a running jump towards the platform there. Turn and jump over to the alcove with the black beetle. Break it out of the wall and collect it. Jump back onto the other walkway. Jump back into the entrance and climb out again. Now return to the Isis Temple. When you come down the stairs, another harpy will appear in the middle passage.

The middle stairs - Pyramid

Now run up the middle stairs. In the next chamber, you'll find a couple of chests. Shoot the one on the left to find some uzi ammo. The one on the right is empty. Step up onto the next level. Shoot the two chests there. The first one will reveal some red and blue shotgun ammo the other one a large medipack. Now enter the chamber with the little black pyramid. You will be greeted by another skeleton. Get it out of the way. The pyramid has four slots where you can place black beetles. You got two already and may use them, but you have to collect two more. There are three chutes on the sides.

The left Chute

Slide down the chute on the left. You'll end up in a little trench with petrol. Walk along and don't stop, because it's going to be lit soon. Climb out to the right. Leave the beetle there alone it's useless and will only set some scarabs loose. Instead, pry out the beetle at the back wall. Run along the side and make a running jump into the entrance. The chute is now a stair. Climb back out. Again, you might use the beetle on the pyramid or save it for later.

The middle Chute

Slide down the chute. Again, you are in a trench with petrol. Wade along quickly and climb out at the end. Break the beetle out of the wall and run along the walkway on the side. Use the right one as the left is blocked. Again, jump into the entrance and climb back up.

The right Chute

Don't slide down the chute on the right, as there is only another broken beetle and many little scarabs.

The Pyramid

Now you have all beetles. Use them on the pyramid. Step inside and take the Mechanical Scarab with you. Run back down the stairs and then up the right ones to return to Cleopatra's Palace for the next level.
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