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Found in Paititi:
Mission "Dice with the Dead": Find Takiy's Dice
Mission "Stay of Execution: Rescue Hakan":
  • Talk to Kayara
  • Free Hakan
    • ...
Mission "Hearts and Minds: Retrieve the King's Horn":
Speak with Kabil
Make your way to the western side of the river in Paititi and there to the less-densely populated part in the north where herbs are being cultivated. At the lowest hut covered in vegetation you will find a boy calling out for his father when he spots Lara. His mother is sick and need herbs.
Go to the Market
Head towards the market (left). By the gate you will find an older woman you can ask for directions.
Locate Cualli
Do not enter the market place, but turn right instead and head up the stairs. Follow them all the way, slightly curving around to the left. At the top you will find a guard on the left. He has very strong opinions on the children and their conduct, especially about a boy called Yamil.
Talk to Yamil
Find Yamil just at the back of the area (right from the stairs) with three of his friends. They are trying to retrieve a ceremonial knife the boy took from his Serpent Guard father to show his friends and which was thrown up on a ledge by the guard.
Retrieve the knife
Climb the ledges to find the knife there. +100 XP
Return the knife to Yamil
Get down and talk to Yamil again. Lara convinces the children to distract the guard.
Free Cualli
Once the guard is gone, get to the enclosure to find Cualli and retrieve the herbs from him.
Return to Kabil
Head down the stairs again and when you reach the market gate, turn left. Run across the wooden walkway and turn left to return to Kabil. Lara will be given the horn.
Return to Unuratu's hideout/ the Skull Cave with the King's Horn
Head down to the river and cross the wooden bridge nearby. Return to either Unuratu's hideout or the skull cave depending on when you played this mission. Speak to Uchu again.
Mission "Hearts and Minds: Retrieve the Savior's Amulet": Retrieve the Savior's Amulet as found in the walkthrough.
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