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18. Via Crucis

Follow the Stations of the Cross

You have to follow the stations of the cross described in the pamphlet "Seven Steps Closer to God" which is found in the Miracle Mission artifact collection. Stations 1 and 2 (pick up the cross and falls the first time) are already behind you.
Jesus Meets His Mother
Pull the cart with the mirror into the light. It will open the door Jonah examines. Follow the passage. Talk with Jonah and he helps Lara to get up to the mirror above Mary's head, which Lara dusts off.
Veronica Wipes his Face
Follow the light into the next room. Lara finds a trap. There are four alcoves at this station. The north-west one is the one with the trap, the one to its right (north-east) shows Jesus accepting the cross. The one further to the right (south-east) has a corpse in it who also picked the wrong mural. The one in the south-west is the one we are looking for. Get to the central column and turn it so the light points at the south-west mural. Get in the niche an push the lever inside. (If you have chosen the wrong niche, you will die.)
Jesus Falls a Second Time
Lara and Jonah fall down into the next passage. Follow it.
Jesus is Crucified
They are Lifting Him
Examine the tree depictions on the left. 1. They are carrying him. 2. They are lifting him. 3. She's wiping his face. "They are lifting him" is part of the crucifixion. Pull the mirror on the cart into the light beam. Then grab the crank and move the beam to the centre depiction. Run to the push-lever of the centre depiction and activate it.
Jesus, nailed to the Cross
Now head over to the other side to examine the depictions there. 1. Jesus, nailed to the cross. 2. He's taking up the cross. 3. He's carrying the cross. Push the other cart with the mirror into the light beam. Then turn the crank to direct the light to the left depiction. Be very precise to unlock the lever. Then get over there to push the lever. Another door opens.
Lara and Jonah find Lopez and the box.
+150 XP

Swim to Safety

Dive into the water tunnel in front. Squeeze through the gap, then dive slightly to the right. At the end push through the rubble. Struggle along the narrow tunnel to get back to Jonah, who has been captured by Trinity. +250
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