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16. Downpour

Region: Riverbed, Porvenir Oil Fields

Find Jonah

+500 XP Hide in the vegetation and take out Trinity from there. (If you have it, activate the endurance boost here, not only will it help you to take less damage, it will further your quest for the "Made to Endure" trophy/achievement - for which only takedowns count). If you are seen, try swinging the axe around. After a couple of hits you will be able to kill an opponent. When they engage in a melee attack, try evading and countering. Jump up the wall behind where the majority was. Attack the next enemy from above. In the next area the water is your friend. After the fight, follow the stream up and climb up onto the next level, there is a document "Journal of T. Serrano 9" to the left of the waterfall. Turn left and approach the ravine. +100 XP Jump across and use the grapple. Climb up. Up the wall and the overhang. Find the The Beach and the document Not Yet?. Make your way to the next combat zone. The enemies here have thermal goggles. Take out the one on the left as soon as possible while he is still at the vegetation patch on the left, when his comrades leave. After the fight it might be worth backtracking to the base camp when you're playing on Deadly Obsession.
Squeeze through the gap into the next area. Decorate yourself with mud. Very quickly take out the goggle guy on the right. Then deal with the rest, always staying behind walls, when goggle enemies come by. After the fight climb up at the back of the area on the left. +100 Jump to the craggy wall to rappel down. You find a bow and fear arrows. In the next area there is a mural Mama Zara on the left. +35, Quechua. Document The Truth on he left side of the ruined pillar, just past the mural. Follow the path and climb the tree. Shoot the guy below you with a fear arrow and he will take care of the rest. +50 Repeat the procedure from the next tree or elevated platform (I actually took out the rest of these enemies from the platform behind the second tree, using lots of fear arrows) and thus make your way through the whole area. Leave the area through a gap in the fence. +100 XP. Follow the path while listening to Rourke. At the end pick up the relic hardhat on the left. Run out onto the bridge. A helicopter (cardinal) and an armoured vehicle will appear.

Evade the helicopter

Lara takes the zipline to flee. Run along the pathway and jump, using the grapple to pull up. Quickly climb and jump up and to the right. Climb up again and to the top. Balance over to the right. Jump to the metal walkway, grab the next ledge, climb right. Jump right and then up. Jump to the ladder and climb up and then right around the corner. Pull up. Lara falls into the water. +250

Defeat Trinity

Quickly shoot the Trinity soldiers in front of you, then seek cover. Try shooting as many of the barrels as possible to finish the enemy quickly. Move to the next area and kill the guy on the tower on the right. Take cover over on the right while clearing out the yard. Cardinal 2 is still around and giving you trouble. Shoot the barrel up on the right to give the helicopter hell. Repeat with the second barrel and then the third.
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