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14. Rebellion Lives

Version: First draft Region: The Hidden City

Return to Unuratu's Home

After arriving back in Paititi, and saving your game at the Fishing District base camp. Get to the quest marker to Unuratu's house, on the way Jonah will give you a new destination. From the wooden bridge find the rope ladder for a quick way up. Find the cave entrance just a little to the left.
Unuratu has been captured.

Meet Etzli in Upper Paititi

You've been given the Serpent Guard outfit you will need for your next mission. Skull Cave basecamp.
Mission "Retrieve the King's Horn": Uchu has a mission for Lara. (I will describe it later.)
Make your way through Paititi to the larger bridge in the south (remember, where there was a commotion earlier). Speak with the guard at the door, then enter. Cross the temple and head out in the far right corner. There's a monolith here. Turn right and head further up the stairs. You come to the Upper City Main Gate. Further up the stairs you will meet Etzli.
Mission "Rescue Hakan" (Stay of Execution): At the back you can find a mission for the rescue of Hakan. (I will describe that later.)

Enter the Temple of Kukulkan

Approach the two guards and enter using the password. +50 XP.
Learn more about the silver box.
Run straight ahead after the cutscene and run down the stairs. The passage leads you outside.

Reach Unuratu's Prison Cell

Two guards will keep you from passing. Jump towards the craggy wall on the left.
Challenge Tomb (?/3) "Ancient Aqueduct": Rappel down for the challenge tomb Ancient Aqueduct
The ledge will bringt you to another craggy wall which allows for a wall run. Jump to the craggy wall on the rock formation in the water. It will collapse. Hurry left and jump to the ledge. Climb and jump to the left. Rappel down.
Dunkin' Bones (?/3): Note the skeleton on the left rock. Swing into it for the Dunkin' Bones Challenge.
Jump on, to the craggy wall and climb up around to the right. Use the grapple swing to reach a ledge at the prison. Traverse along the ledge you can grab to the left. Use a rope to get across the stream. There is a mural to the right of the anchor point The Winged Serpent Yucatec, +35 XP.
Crypt (?/5) "Uturunku, the Ferryman": Climb up to the left. Mural up on the ledge Uturunku, the Ferryman Quechua, +35 XP (later)
Jump towards the pole on the right of the rope and swing to the craggy wall. Climb around to the right till you can jump towards the overhang and use the grapple to hold on to it.
Dunkin' Bones (?/3): Swing to the skeleton a little to the left to knock it down. +15
Climb, jump along the overhang to the right and up. Jump up, climb right, jump up. +100 XP

Enter Unuratu's Prison Cell

Climb into the opening.

Follow Unuratu

In Name Only +25. Break through the wall. Tether the rope coil here to the one on the rock formation in the stream below and slide over. Kill the enemies by a stealth takedown from the ledges while climbing up to Unuratu.
Collectibles: Monolith (Yucatec) on the right. Turn back and run up the suspension bridge to find the Archivist Map, the Map of Search Areas relic and the documents Cult of Kukulkan and The Cult's Promise.
Run across the rope bridge. +100 XP. After the cutscene, Lara will have obtained a photo of the The Silver Box of Ix Chel. Get to the next door to exit. Up the left stairs to witness the sacrifice. Follow Unuratu through the masses to the tomb door. +150
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