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12. Eye of the Serpent

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Enter the Mountain Temple

From Unuratu's home make your way to the left (north), through the rice fields and to the top of the hill where you will find the entrance of the mines.
The Mountain Temple

Find the Inner Stronghold

Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

+500 XP.

Dive into the Cenote

Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

Use the knife to cut down the soldier. Lara pushes him aside and takes his shotgun. Then enter through the arch to reach the Cenote Tempel Ruins base camp. Then blast away the barricade using the shotgun and squeeze through the narrow gap in the wall.
You will be ambushed by a group of enemies. After fighting them off follow the tunnel.
Mini Puzzle
Remove the pry barrier from the water wheel. Climb out of the water on the right. Stand by the winch and tether it to the water wheel. Turn the wheel a bit so you create an opening you can dive through. +50 XP

Dive along the tunnel and follow the next passage. Careful there is a spear trap with trip wire. Another enemy attacks. Jump to the craggy wall on the right side. Rappel down, wall run and jump to the ledge on the left. Follow the passage, jump to the craggy wall and again rappel down.

Open the Gate

Right Side
Swim to the back and climb out on the right. Follow the tunnel, fighting off enemies. Get up to the winch. Attach the rope to the middle serpent head (water dispenser) and turn the crank anti-clockwise to make it reachable from the right. Climb up to pry away the barricade from the top serpent head. Get back down. Turn the top serpent head anti-clockwise until it pours its water into the second one. Then turn the middle serpent head clockwise to redirect the water to the lowest serpent head. And finally turn this lowest head clockwise to activate the water wheel and open the first gate.

Left Side
Dive through the rotating waterwheel on the left at the opportune moment. Find the next rope winch. Tether it to the upper of the two serpent heads. Turn it clockwise to fill the pool. Dive into it and pry away the barricade from the lower serpent head. After the fight turn the upper serpent anti-clockwise to direct the water into the lower serpent. Then attach to the lower one and turn it anti-clockwise to set the water wheel in motion.


Hurry out of there following the path laid out in front of you.
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