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10. Path to the Hidden City

Complete the Trial of the Jaguar

Run down and jump into the water. Dive through the tunnels and catch your breath where necessary and try avoiding the eels. A narrow gap brings you into a cave.

Complete the Trial of the Spider

Jump towards the ledges on the wall. Jump to the craggy wall on the right and climb up to the tunnel. Climb up to the upper ledge. Attach the grapple to the craggy wall above and rappel down to swing to the ledge above the climbing wall with the depiction of a spider. Emerge at the trial of the eagle.
Trial of the Eagle

Complete the Trial of the Eagle

Climb up to reach the basecamp Trial of the Eagle.

Jump across.

On the right is a mural Crumbling +35 XP, Mam and a Survival Cache. (map)

From the stairs jump the ledges and climb them to reach the tower. Traverse along the wooden beam to the right. Balance across the beam to the central pillar, traverse over to the left and follow the wooden walkway. Jump up the wall to reach the ledge. Shimmy around to the left and rappel down from the craggy wall. Drop down and follow the walkway to the next wall. Use the ledges to climb around to the outside. Rappel down and perform a wall run to reach the ledge further right. Climb up. Tether the rotating sail to the pillar in the centre to fold out some ledges with more sails. Jump towards on of these ledges and pull up. Evade the beams and then when the board comes up, jump up. Wait for the gap to jump to the upper beam and pull onto it. Use the rotating disc as ladder... (see video for more...)

Find the Hidden City

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