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9. Path of the Dead

Version: 1st draft Region: Kuwaq Yaku

Find another way out of the temple

Collectibles: Mural God of Suicides Mam, +35 XP on the right, Document Balams Mam, +25 XP on the left. Monolith on the left. Monolith treasure behind the jaguar (south).
Exit left of the large mural. Stele in the next yard: Eagle's Talon. Document Birthing the Serpent, Mam, +25, in eastern alcove. Jump into the water on the right. Dive down and into the "underwater grasses" to hide from the piranha. Wait for them to swim past before you move from hiding place to hiding place. Catch your breath.
Collectibles: Survival Cache in the cave through the gap to the left.
To get out, turn left moving from concealment to concealment to the air hole at the end. Dive right and up the stairs, again avoiding the piranha. Turn right down the stairs. Turn left into the ruins for another air hole. Follow the stairs up. Ascend all the way to the top.

Return to Kuwaq Yaku

Swim along. +250 Exit the water. Climb up. Document Misdirection +25 in the area to the left. Jump to the branch. Take down the two enemies. Medkit to the left. Follow the path. After witnessing the attack, pick up the document Operation Update on the right. Squeeze through the gap in the vegetation.

Make your way through the hangar

Take out the enemies. Some of them wear helmets. This is a good spot to work on Tables Turned. After the fight leave the ruined hangar. Climb over the wall in the south. Drop down on the other side +150 XP.

Return to Kuwaq Yaku

Scouring the Globe document near the corpses on the right. (This is also where a base camp will appear later on for fast travel.) Jump into the pool. Collect underwater plants for Bottom Feeder challenge. Exit. Shoot barrel for Crude Awakening challenge. Follow path around to next camp and on the way shoot another barrel for Crude Awakening. Base camp Kuwaq Yaku Ruins. Wade through the mud to get back to the ruins.

Meet Jonah in the ruins

Enter and find Jonah down the stairs to the left. Step through.
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