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Dark Horse, the Comic book publisher who is currently home to the Tomb Raider comics is planning to publish a  "Tomb Raider Coloring Book", set to be released 30 January 2019. The Tomb Raider Coloring Book will bring us 45 pages with line art (black and white) by artists like Randy Green, Phillip Sevy, Tholia, and Katie Swindlehurst, among others. But further Dark Horse is offering fans a chance to have their own art featured in this coloring book.
26. July 2018
Watch out collectors, you can now pre-order your new Pixel Pals (in Classic and Reboot Tomb Raider Design) from Amazon. Pixel Pals are Figurines that light up when equipped with AAA batteries and bring you your favourite characters in pixelated form, in this case Classic and Reboot (also Reborn) Lara Croft. "Light up your world with Pixel Pals; collectible pixel-art renditions of your favorite iconic characters! we want you to show off what you love and shine bright with Pixel Pals.
24. July 2018
Just one day after releasing a new gameplay video (see yesterday's article  "New Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Video") which shed a light on Paititi, the lost Inka city in Peru, Eidos Montreal - the developer for this upcoming title in the franchise - has proudly announced that Shadow of the Tomb Raider has gone gold.
Today the official Tomb Raider Channel released a new gameplay video showing footage from Paititi, the lost Inka city, located in Peru, which Lara visits in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The video features a voice over by   Narrative Director Jason Dozois explaining some of the well-established and new features.
The Paititi hub space is the largest in any of the Tomb Raider games. Paititi consists of multiple districts, like the fishing an residential areas.
Keep your eyes open, Tomb Raider fans, Amazon France is now listing a tie-in novel for Shadow of the Tomb Raider titled  "Path of the Apocalypse" scheduled to come out alongside the game on 14 September 2018, published by Titan Books. It is currently listed for a price of 9,56 Euro. The 320-page novel is written by S.D. Perry, who is popular among video game fans for her Resident Evil novels. The official tie-in novel to the Shadow of the Tomb Raider video game. In a brand-new adventure, Lara Croft must evade the agents of Trinity and discover an ancient secret.
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